this is fucking awesome

Please reblog my original post. Isn’t that easier than re-uploading every piece. Am I right to be upset when people repost and not reblog? I dunno. it makes me upset sometimes. Especially when it gets more notes :/


Just copped them retro military 12s

" 📷 "


Early Morning Grizzind! 😏 4th Set…Just Hit 5, Pushing For More Next Week 💯💵🏈

Happy Birthday To The Brogawd! @str8_likedat2 It’s Cancer ♋️ Season My Nigga Turn Up!

Happy 4th, Bday In A Hour 😆

PreGaming For Tomorrow, Alil Wine With Alil Tequila 😋, Finna Make Our Own Sangria.. Then Go Pick Up The LQ Tomorrow 😵

Shining Hard Every Second , Don't Blink HOE !!!

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